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Watchmaker repair and servicing


Born in 1976, I inherited my watch making passion from my father, who established his clock and watch business in Slovenia the year that I was born.

During my childhood I spent many hours in my father’s workshop. I discovered a great interest and aptitude for clock and watch repair, which prepared me to become a leader in the watch making profession in Sloveia.

My scholastic achievements include watch making school in Slovenia and continuing watch making studies in Switzerland at INTERNATIONAL WATCHMAKING SCHOOL WOSTEP where I completed a postgraduate WOSTEP watch course, teaching high quality restoration of intricate and rare antique watches and clocks.

Using my strengths of technical knowledge and artistic sensitivity I have built my reputation on meticulous restoration and repair work.

I am a certified watchmaker for OMEGA watches and my workshop has been registered as an OMEGA OFFICIAL SERVICE since 2000. I am proud to be a long term partner of such a renowned watch brand as it has given me a great opportunity to learn about the modern watch making profession.

Watch making has not been just a skill and attention to detail for me it is a passion and with this passion I will enjoy working on your timepiece.